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For teaching staff

ERASMUS programme gives opportunities to the academic staff of UNWE to visit European universities and to teach short academic courses.

Foreign academic staff from partner universities can visit and teach short academic courses to students and doctoral students of UNWE.

University teachers participating in mobility activity under ERASMUS programme receives financial support (grant).

Individual grant is weekly and is paid by UNWE for the approved period of teaching under ERASMUS programme, which is minimum one week (5 working days) and 8 teaching hours.

The maximum level of the individual grant can be 800 Euro.

The concrete level of grants varies for different countries and is managed by the National "Socrates" Agency on an annual basis.

Eligible for participation in mobility activity under ERASMUS is the whole academic staff of UNWE - both full-time and part-time university teachers, irrespective of their post, scientific degree and scientific title (professors, associate professors, assistant professors).

University teachers are entitled to one participation in mobility activity under ERASMUS programme for the term of one academic year.

Additional condition for participation in mobility activity is the good knowledge of the respective foreign language in which courses will be taught at the host university.

In the selection procedure for applicants for teacher mobility, priority should be given to the contact persons under the concluded bilateral agreements. The majority of agreements are open to free utilisation since in most of the cases the contact person is the institutional co-ordinator of the programme.

University teachers approved for participation in the programme sign a ERASMUS Teaching Staff Mobility contract with UNWE. The contract is a requisite condition for receiving an individual ERASMUS grant.

University teachers at UNWE cooperate in the conclusion of new bilateral agreements under ERASMUS programme by applying the model used for Bilateral Agreements.