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ERASMUS Policy Statement

The international strategy and priorities of UNWE are related to the following fundamental goals:

-          To further establish its reputation as a dynamic, modern Bulgarian and European educational and research institution;

-          To encourage students to continue their education throughout their lives; to develop and implement continuing study programs which will help students to gain further academic knowledge and professional skills in accordance with the needs of the labor market;

-          To encourage the efforts of the academic staff to develop and enrich the study programs with the highest European research achievements; to apply innovative teaching methods and educational techniques that combine global and Bulgarian trends with universities’ traditions through participation in various international mobility programs, research projects and networks;

-           To advance the relations, cooperation and mobility of teachers, students and administrative staff with leading European universities; to constantly seek and analyze positive effects and to put them into practice; to actively participate in promoting and implementing of new ideas for further development of the national and European education;

-          To raise the quality and the attractiveness of the education; to enlarge the contribution of UNWE in achieving the goals of the Lisbon Strategy and the Europe 2020 Strategy, to turn EU into the most competitive knowledge-based economy and reach the target for 40% of young people to successfully complete higher education and to reduce youth unemployment;

-          To extend the opportunities for Bulgarian and foreign students to study in foreign language programs among the ones offered by UNWE in the Bachelor, Master and PhD programs, by developing curricula taught in English and other foreign languages. Of recent years UNWE introduced 10 Bachelor and 5 Master programs taught completely in English;

-          To further develop joint programs, especially for Master and PhD degree, oriented to participation in international mobility, higher educational level and training of students and doctoral students to achieve higher competitiveness in their professional realization in Bulgaria as well as in countries around the world. So far, there are 3 joint master programs, where one semester is provided for student and teacher mobility at the partner university. Currently, UNWE is in the process of negotiating 2 additional Master joint programs as well as 1 Doctoral program;

-           To adjust the existing Bachelor, Master and doctoral programs to the current and future needs of business and make them adaptable to the intense demands of the Bulgarian and European labor market;

-          To increase the number of practically oriented courses in all forms of education (full-time, partial and distance). UNWE offers a great number of study programs, both Bachelor and Master, in distance education.

-          To broaden the cooperation with business organizations in the public and private sectors to develop the entrepreneurial, creative and innovative skills of the students and teachers thus achieving a practical and multidisciplinary orientated training;

-          To choose partner universities according to the main goal to expand the opportunities for: participation in Erasmus mobility of students, doctoral students and teachers of all faculties and programs as well as of more administrative staff; designing of a wider range of joint programs; expanding the development of other forms of international cooperation, including coordination and participation in international research projects;

-          To expand the geographic area of Bilateral Agreements and international activities beyond the borders of the EU (currently UNWE is in partnership with universities form 26 countries, including Turkey and Croatia) in accordance with the main goal to develop more joint programs (Master and Doctoral) and to largely participate in international projects for research and mobility;

-          To outline as the most important target groups of mobility activities: students in their master or Doctoral education; teachers, planning their academic career, participating in the joint programs as well as English language study programs; general administration’s staff and international office staff (UCSTM),  with a view  to exchange experience,  adopt and implement the best European practices in their respective fields of work;  

To facilitate the participation in mobility of students, teachers and staff with visual and hearing impairment or other health problems as well as of students and teachers from minority groups to provide equal opportunities for high quality training and competence.